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Bead Necklaces

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I made two new beaded necklaces. They are long and meant to be wrapped around. One has a blue and green theme while the other is mostly pink. The pink one has some cool silver star pieces in it that I really like.


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Fresh New Ideas

Now that I have been moved into the new house for a little over a month, I am getting back to crafting. My craft room is coming along pretty good. I need a new shelving unit tho to really finish it.

Here’s a project I’d like to try, once I can get a good enough collection of really sweet looking buttons!!

It’s a necklace made from buttons. I don’t want to use simple plain colored ones, I want to use some really cool buttons. So I’m going to work on collecting and buying some and then make one of these necklaces.

This looks like a really simple bracelet, I have lots of smaller beads that I think will work well for this project.

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To Craft Or Not To Craft

These days I spend most of my time looking for house rentals. Unfortunately there’s not a lot to choose from. April is practically here and I thought I would be moved in April 1st! I haven’t even found a place yet! Yikes. I’ve been neglecting my crafts for too long. I’m caught up in career searching, soul exploring, rental ads, and dealing with life.

But I did take some time the other day to make this necklace. I don’t usually work with chains, although I LUV how they look! It took me around 3 hours (with some laundry loads and letting the dogs outside ocassionally). My hands were sore from taking apart the long chains I bought. I love the charms, I bought a set of keys and lock from Michaels. I’m not sure if I like it better worn tight on the neck like a choker or longer for a more bohemian look. I’m excited to be making some jewelry again and look forward to doing another necklace.

The string of purple beads are on a memory wire. The purple beads that dangle are on a pin. I used 4 heart charms attached with jump rings.




Since I work with kids a lot I made a nice large Dora The Explorer pillow to keep at my house.  This week I had 2 overnights with 3 kids. I showed the oldest how to make a pair of earrings and matching necklace, which she loved and has been wearing all week 🙂

I used a simple technique for the necklace she made- I call it braiding because you use 3 strings of memory wire. Connect them on one end. Think of the strands as A, B, and C. Then start to bead. One bead will go on strands A & B and then the next bead goes on strands B & C and then the next goes on A & B and so forth. It’s a great easy necklace that looks cool.

The weather has been great! I enjoy a little bit of winter, but I am always happy to see Spring and Summer!


Rosie Royalty

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Rosie Royalty’s World Of Creativity

This weekend went by so incredibly fast! I cannot even believe tomorrow is already Monday again. I planned to make a few of these infinity style dresses. But before I knew it, it was Saturday night and I hadn’t even started on one. I really like this idea of clothing that can be worn different ways. I made some halter tops/dresses, they can be worn as a shirt or pulled down like a dress. I love them, they are comfy and neat. So when I read all about the infinity dress on and other crafty sites, I really wanted to try some. 

The idea is that you can wear the dress an infinite amount of ways. I’ve seen a few different patterns for the dress. Even our Renaissance Festival has some Gypsy Outfits that are similar to the Infinity Dress. I purchased a Gypsy outfit from there and the lady showed me about 10 ways to wear it. So the idea has been around and now it’s time for me to try sewing a few. Right now I’m thinking layers, and maybe adding lace and more layers. I’m also thinking of one with layers of polka dots! But I need to do some fabric shopping….









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Earrings & Bookmarks

I’ve been into so many paper crafts lately, I thought I would switch it up and play with beads for a while. I purchased some really pretty purple beads and some perfect little white beads. Unfortunately jewelry is so hard for me to photograph. Here’s the jewelry and bookmarks I made:



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Jewelry Inventory

I got together all my handmade jewelry and started getting organized. Needed to take inventory and see what I have and what I need. Here are a few photos:

DSCF3755 DSCF3757 DSCF3761

DSCF3763 DSCF3765 DSCF3767

DSCF3771 DSCF3770

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Handmade Earrings

I love chandelier earrings. I’m making new pairs all the time. I’d like to gear up for some spring craft fairs. It’s really hard to photograph jewelry. It just doesnt look as pretty as it does in person.








Making jewelry is really fun. The possibilities are endless….



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