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Chain Of Thanks


I found a very beautiful free printable online to make a Chain of Thanks. It’s wonderful to list all the things you and your friends and family are thankful for 😀

One idea is to add a new link every Thursday in November: Thankful Thursdays


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Owl Print – Bench Pillows

I purchased 2 pillow inserts from Hancock Fabrics and also bought this Owl print fabric to make covers. I bought sew on Velcro from Walmart. Each pillow has one side that is Velcro so I can remove the covers to wash them or if I want to make new covers and use the same pillow inserts.

I attached brown ribbon so I can tie the pillows to my entry way bench so they don’t fall on the floor and get dirty.

Bench pillows 1

bench pillows 2

bench pillows 3

bench pillows 4

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My Fairy Garden Continues…

I’ve found some excellent pieces for the fantasy garden

bike with seeds



Fantasy Garden

Fruits and veggies

gothic fairy


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Hello, Miniature World!

Some really fun items came in the mail for my fairy garden. I love good mail days 😀 (other good mail: pen pal letters, postcards, Organic Gardening magazine…)

And I found a few different types of moss at the dollar store (awesome!)

My collection includes: A fairy (Rhoslyn), a Fairy Elf (Eldon), a white fence (1″ high x 18″ long), many different polished stones, several types of moss, a wire arch with moss on it, a wishing well (from Halmark), 2 pine tress, bushes I made with flowers from the dollar store, a water tub, 6 tiny bottles in a carrying case, a red bicycle, small tools for the garden, a watering can…

I like working on the Fairy Garden because I can slowly collect items and add to the creation. It’s addicting to buy the miniature pieces. They’re just too cool.

Here are a few photos:

Elf fairy and bike

Fairy Elf

fairy garden long view

Fairy Garden

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Fairy Garden

As I previously posted; I am currently working on building a fairy garden. I am collecting pieces slowly to add to the creation. I just got this little elf fairy; I love it 😀



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Fairy Garden


My current project is creating a mini fairy garden. Slowly I am collecting pieces to add to the creation. I ordered the 1″ tall white picket fence from JoAnns along with the moss. I have several items in my wish list to get next.

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White, Blue and Green PomPoms

I made these cool pompoms as décor for a baby shower. I made a few all white pompoms too but didn’t get a photo of them unfortunately. They were fun to make, my littlest niece even helped me make the white ones. I used several sheets of tissue paper and ribbon. I found white tissue paper at the dollar store which was perfect! But was only able to find blue and green at Target which costs a little more. And the white from the Dollar Tree was larger than the colored sheets from Target so I had to cut them all to the same size. Each pompom is about 18-20 sheets of tissue paper.

Some of the pompoms we hung from umbrellas over the tables. Some we pinned up against the deck railings. We pinned them flat against the deck railings so they looked like flowers.

I will be making more of these tissue paper pompoms! They look cool, they’re inexpensive, and they’re fast to make. I think they would make cute bedroom décor for the kids’ rooms.

pompom chair

pompom close up

pompoms hanging

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