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Art Journal

I love doing art journals. I decorate the pages with collages, stickers, drawings, recipes, anything and everything.






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Journal Art

I have been busy decorating pages in 2 different journals. Here’s a few photos:





I found this picture at an antique store near my house.



The duck images came from an old calendar.


The butterfly page on the left is fabric.




This is also fabric attached to the page.

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Crafty Weekend!

The weekend is never long enough. It’s always Monday again way too soon. There’s tons of crafts I’d love to get done, but only enough time to do a few.

I’d love to do some crochet projects. But I am slow at it. I need to get better at working with patterns. I want to make a cardigan, mittens, slippers, and shawls.

I also need to make some neck warmers/ heat pads. I purchased a beautiful pink & purple fabric, enough to make 2 of them. I’ll fill them with rice, then you microwave it for about 3 minutes. They are great to wrap around your shoulders, or run down your spine, or across your lower back. They’re nice to have in Minnesota winter. My sister made me one and I love it.

Here’s the fabric I bought recently:


I love finding neat home decor at a great price. I found these little vases and thought they were pretty cool:

All I had to do was buy some fake flowers to put in them. Easy decor.

I’m working on some art journals. I’m swapping with 2 girls. Heres some photos of pages I am working on:







The theme on the art journals is open. So we can decorate the pages however we want. I’m excited to see the end results 🙂

I made a few new pages in my scrapbook:




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Craft on and on and on…

Hello from Minnesota! It’s a beautiful winter day here. The sun is out and it’s warmed up a bit.

I’m currently working on an Art Journal for a swap I signed up for thru

For this first picture: I used my star punch to cut out paper stars, I used some wrapping paper for the background, and I printed out picts in black and white and then painted them and used glitter markers and paint pens to make them look cool. Here’s some photos of my progress:


For this page: I’m using colored pencils, pen, glitter pens, & glitter paint. The quote reads, The healthiest response to life is joy


Today I went to the antique store, it’s less than a mile from where I live. I found some neat old photos and childrens nursery rhymes. I got some cool items for just under $6.00 total. Not bad 🙂 So I am looking forward to making a few new pages in the journal tonight.

And here is my cat Charlie, he likes to watch me craft:


Recently my pen pal (~Meli~) sent me a map of Germany, where she lives:


I love it and hung it up in my craft room 🙂

I always try and find neat things for my pen pals. I like to decorate the envelopes & letters. I was working on some stuff for new years and found these cute images:





This year for Christmas gift bags, I made the tags myself. Works great for reusing bags. I used some yarn to attach the tags to the handles of the bags.  Here’s a photo of some:

Here Comes 2011!!

Happy Crafting 🙂

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Here Comes December

Life gets pretty busy at times. I am thankful for having 2 days off from work for the holiday to spend time with the people I love and care about and also to catch up on some crafts. I have been neglecting my craft room recently. So with my 4 day weekend, I took the time to vacuum, dust, organize, and clean my craft room. It felt so nice in there I wanted to hang out and craft a little.

I made a few new Artist Trading Cards. Since Christmas is only a month away, most of them have a Christmas theme to them. I turned the radio on the Christmas Station, they play only Christmas songs around the clock. It’s really enjoyable, I listen to it in the house and in my car all through November and December 🙂


The first ATC says Noel across the top with presents stacked on the bottom.

The second ATC is an elf holding a teddy bear.

I made these ATC’s for my penpals and crafting friends.



…reindeer, santa, Peace, elves…



I made the snowmen ATC with a stamp I have. Stamps can get expensive, I’d love to get some more for my collection.

These ATC’s are decorated with stamps from Malaysia and Germany. I love to collect the stamps from letters I receive.

I’m also working on an Art Journal for a swap on


This page has an article cut out from a local paper about music gigs in the area and it also has some zines glued to the page.


I love the Sanrio characters, here is Pochocco with some wise quotes


Other than crafting, I have been getting ready for Christmas. We put up a tree in the living room and some Christmas decorations around the house




And I made a few batches of chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips! Mmmm delicious!!



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This -n- That

Here are a few projects I am working on:

 I’m attaching the gift tags to the Halloween goody bags with thread

 Always working on art journals, this page is in my own journal

 This is a lovely package I received from a penpal recently

 Some pages I’m working on in someone elses journal

 Boo to you!

 More journal pages

 Some fb’s I am mailing 0ut to a penpal this week

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Home Decor & Creative Art Journaling

Hello. Thanks for swinging by 🙂

The weather is definitely getting cooler, and I’m preparing for fall. I picked up 2 new magazines:


I’m excited to make two recipes I picked out for dinner this week. I’m going to the grocery store after work tomorrow to get the ingredients. And I’m also excited to make the handmade cards, Halloween decor, and stuffed owls from the craft magazine. I need a few supplies first, like felt.

I’m changing the color scheme in my living room. I’ve only been in this house for 2 and a half months so things are still coming along.


Because I purchased this painting I’ve started to add some blues/teals into the room.

I saw some throw pillows I want to get- but at 12.00 a piece, it could get expensive…

The runners I made fit in the living room well:



I picked up some scrap material from WalMart for cheap to use on a side table in the office, for now anyway. I love the pattern, it’s nice to add some texture to the room:

I framed some lovely, silky, purple material I had in 2 16×20 frames. I hung one on each side of the window in my craft room:


I picked up a dark brown basket from the store today and threw in some pink, purple, rose, and tan colored decor pieces. It matches the new table runner I made last week really well. It’s a very light color, with fall coming I may end up changing the whole theme into warmer browns and oranges or burnt reds. I don’t know yet. I guess I was hoping for summer days to last a little longer 🙂


even the kitties got a new basket for their toys:

Here are a few new pages I made in my art journal:





Time for me to go make some dessert (brownies :))


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