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Heat Packs

Heat packs are great to have when the weather gets cold. They are easy to make. You’ll need a sewing machine, cotton fabric and scented rice. I use two layers of fabric to prevent them from getting too hot and make them more comfy. I scented my rice with Apple Cinnamon oil. You can use several methods to scent your heat pack such as dried lavender or other herbs.

I have 2 I made for myself years ago and still use. I microwave them and lay them in my bed under the covers to warm the bed in winter before I crawl in 🙂

Here are a few I made for an upcoming craft show. They make great xmas gifts.

purple heat packs 2

purple heat packs

Rice Heat Packs 2

Rice Heat Packs

I found the fabric at Hancock fabrics and I got a large bag of rice from Sams Club.

Scented rice filled heat packs make good gifts and are an easy fun craft.


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Owl Print – Bench Pillows

I purchased 2 pillow inserts from Hancock Fabrics and also bought this Owl print fabric to make covers. I bought sew on Velcro from Walmart. Each pillow has one side that is Velcro so I can remove the covers to wash them or if I want to make new covers and use the same pillow inserts.

I attached brown ribbon so I can tie the pillows to my entry way bench so they don’t fall on the floor and get dirty.

Bench pillows 1

bench pillows 2

bench pillows 3

bench pillows 4

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Lounger Covers

loungers covered sitting up position

loungers covered

loungers from mom

My mom gave me two blue loungers. Today I made covers for them. I used fabric I already had in the house. They slip on like pillow cases. I like how they turned out. They were quick and easy to make.

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Handmade Top

I made this green top from jersey material.

It’s stretchy, comfy, and easy to wear


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Green Dress

I made this dress a while ago. It’s green jersey material which is very soft and stretchy.

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Sewing Felt

A while back I posted about these fun “no-sew” felt projects for kids. They’re great because you dont need a sewing machine, needles, thread, or any dangerous sewing supplies. But they’re messy! Glue gets on your hands and then you touch the felt and it gets fuzzies on your fingers and it also made the felt sort of hard. Great for kids tho!

I thought maybe I would make some felt friends with my sewing machine instead. I started with Zee, from Nick Jr.

The beak, eyes, and flowers were sewn on by hand.  

The pink felt is glittery! I love it! This is a very simple project, but it’s fun and she’s so cute!

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Sewing Foot Rest Cushion Covers

I watch a ton of HGTV and I love all things DIY! So when my mom brought over 2 matching foot stools for me, with hiddeous green cushions, I knew what I had to do; create new cushion covers!

The original cushions are green corduroy that look very worn out. I purchased some tan-ish colored fabric from WalMart that I thought would look much better.

I made the cover a lil big, but the cushion still fits nicely on the foot stool. And it’s way better than before! As a bonus, when I remove the cushion I can use this stool as a mini couch-side table for my pop and snacks 🙂 And the cushion also makes a good floor pillow when an extra seat is needed.

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