Save Planet Earth

Recently I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota and watched A Beautiful Planet on their huge omni theater screen. It was an amazing film. Earth, without question, is beyond amazing. It’s the only planet we know of that supports such a variety of life. The only planet that grows trees. The perfect home for animals, plants, humans, insects.

So what’s the problem? Does the Earth need saving? What can the average person do? Won’t scientists and the government save planet Earth? Or is it up to us?

The world is talking right now about Donald Trump being elected as the next President for the United States. Donald Trump has said that global warming is a hoax. This is really dangerous for the planet. We need people in the government that care about the planet and will work hard to protect our water, trees, and wildlife.

Unfortunately we cannot always reply on the government to help us and to have the best interest for the people and the planet. Several politicians are siding with large oil companies. They’re in it for the money! Of course they don’t want to discuss the possibility that burning fossil fuel is contributing to destroying the planet. They aren’t interested in loosing money or changing their way of life.

Unfortunately the cattle companies are cutting down massive amounts of forests to create land for grazing and growing crops for cattle to eat. Trees clean our air and provide oxygen to breathe. If oil companies are going to pollute the air, at least leave the trees to help clean the air! Also, the run off from factory farms is destroying our water. The methane released from all the cattle we raise is also contributing to air quality problems.

This is real. This is happening now.

There are several ways to help lessen your carbon footprint though. First of all, decide that you care enough to change. And then get started!

  1. Consume less meat. No human needs to consume meat 3 times a day, every day of the week. We are out of control and it is killing the planet. Reduce how much meat you buy. Then we can lessen how many cows we raise. And of course the best option is not eating meat at all. This lessens animal suffering as well as pollution to the Earth.
  2. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Seriously. Cans, bottles, cardboard, paper. Don’t throw it in the trash. Reuse what you can, donate, and recycle. Make smart purchases. Buy items in glass instead of plastic. Don’t buy produce wrapped in plastic. Don’t use plastic bags at check out.Reduce the amount of plastic you use. Plastic is a huge threat to our planet!! Plastic has completely polluted our water. Micro beads and broken down pieces of plastic never ever go away. They are eaten by sea life.
  3. Be an educated consumer. Don’t purchase beauty products with micro beads in them. Don’t purchase animal products. Don’t purchase more than you need. Buy local. Talk to the farmers at farmers markets. Get interested! Do your research.
  4. Walk instead of drive, when you are able to. Using less gas is important. Then we can stop drilling for more oil! Oil spills are a disaster to the planet! Plus, think of all the pollution that comes out of your car every time you drive. Ride share!
  5. Watch documentaries to learn more! Netflix and Youtube have some AWESOME shows to watch!
    1. Before The Flood
    2. Cowspiracy
    3. Plastic Island
    4. Forks Over Knives
  6. Follow vegan, vegetarian, and other environmentally friendly sites on social media. Instagram and Facebook have some great pages to follow:
    1. VeganStreet
    2. Greenpeace
    3. oneplanet
    4. gasanature (give a shit about nature)
    5. mercyforanimals
    6. peta
    7. March Against Monsanto
    8. Veganism Worldwide
    9. Wake Up World
    10. asapSCIENCE
  7. Have small families. The world is really over populated. Too many humans is an issue. We all have to share the water, air, and land. If someone decides to have more than a handful of kids, that’s selfish. Everyone loves family. But there are not enough resources. We can’t have more births than we have deaths. The population will just grow and grow. That is not sustainable.

It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am at. My biggest regret is not making changes faster. I am thankful for all the educational information on the internet and instagram. I have learned a lot about environmental issues, animal cruelty, plant based protein, my health, the planet, pollution, etc. Another great resource is where I found several groups with people who care and want to make a change for the better for our planet.

It is up to us. We have to fight for the planet. It’s too incredible to destroy.


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noun inhabitant of earth; mortal.

Sometimes online I see vegans attacking other non-meat eaters. I think showing a little support to the people that are trying to cut meat and dairy from their diet, goes a long way. They have to start somewhere. I know people who will eat vegan when they are around me and don’t when they’re not. I know people who only eat fish.(which I don’t  btw, not only are fish full of plastic microbeads and mercury, it’s also destroying the oceans and lakes) I have a friend who is just now exploring going vegetarian (yay for her to make this decision recently!). I have a friend with a vegetarian daughter. Everyone is on their own path and although they aren’t devout vegans I appreciate what they do and that they are starting to care! Do what you can where you are with what you have.

People always ask why I am vegan. I’ve only been asked twice about my protein surprisingly lol. I always say the big 3 reasons I think most vegans/vegetarians care about:

1.) The Earth needs saving. Factory farms are polluting our water. We destroy acres and acres of rain forest every day for cattle to graze. We use so much of Earth’s resources to consume meat and dairy, eventually the resources will run out. People are overweight. People consume way more meat and dairy now than they ever did in the past. Portion sizes are out of control. Meanwhile the population is growing. How can this be sustainable?

2.) The animals don’t deserve the way they are treated. It’s not like back in the day when you raised your own cows and would butcher one to last you and your family a while. And you raised it and cared for it everyday. Never abusing it.These animals are shoved into uncomfortable living conditions. They are tortured an malnourished. Several die from infections. They are beaten and not cared about.

3.) My health is important to me. I know that consuming animal products contributes to heart failure, weight gain, bad skin and bad digestion.


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Gardein Burger

Eating vegan can be easy! And you can still have a burger! 🙂 These are great because they’re fast to make for a simple lunch or snack. I add onions, pickles and sometimes tomato, ketchup and mustard or bbq sauce…they’re pretty good!

gardein burger

Go vegan! Every animal wants to live. Factory farming is harming the environment. Fats from meat clogs arteries. There are tons of imitation meats available to purchase.

Female cows are repeatedly impregnated and then when their calf is born, the calf is taken away and humans consume the mother cows milk. She produces the milk for her baby but humans take it. And they take the baby too. Mother cows cry out for their babies. This is why I don’t eat beef. Also, cows are incredibly smart. Plus, they alter the cow to maximize milk production and it really wears the cows out!

Plus, plant protein is healthier and cruelty free. It’s also the answer to helping fight global warming.


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Tabouli / Tabbouleh

My mom makes great Tabouli or Tabbouleh or however you want to spell it. I buy it from the local Fresh And Natural Foods sometimes, but compared to my mom’s, it’s not as good of course 😉

I haven’t made Tabouli / Tabbouleh before. I am luckily enough to have my mom make it for me. But I do know it has bulgur, a wheat product. My mom adds cucumbers. Yum!


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Potato Heads!

I’m not a morning person. Seriously, I’m not. But breakfast helps 😀

potato heads

potato heads2

I like potato faces because you can switch it up each time. And of course kids love it!

potato heads3

potato heads4 potato heads5

I love food art! This is a super simple easy example of food art, but it’s totally fun and delicious!

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Handmade (Crochet) Booties

It’s been a while since I used my crochet skills to make something out of yarn. It hurt so good. LOL. My hands ached a little but my brain loved being creative with my hooks again!

I spent about 2 hours making these throughout the day. They are small. Probably women’s us size 5. I started with a chain of 20. Crochet a square. Fold the square and sew up the back. Drawstring closure on the front. Then sew up and around to build the boot. Makes sense, right? 🙂

Simple pattern that I found on youtube a long time ago but works like a charm.


I make my first square and then my second square. Kind of working on both boots at once. It helps me make them the same size!


They’re pretty thick and durable because I use 2 strands of yarn at once. I do single crochet throughout the entire boot. Nice and tight stitches.






This project doesn’t use a ton of yarn. The bigger the size, the more yarn you will use.

I bought 2 skeins of Dark Orchid.I use 2 strands at once so I crochet from both skeins at the same time. I made these booties and have plenty of yarn leftover to make another pair.

Being crafty is so fun 🙂


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Vegetarian Corn Dogs

Sometimes a meal takes a lot of effort and some planning ahead. Sometimes it comes right out of the freezer. LOL.

I love a variety of super easy frozen meals. These corn dogs are one of them. I usually make myself 2 doggies. The texture is perfect.

corn dog package

The package comes with 4 corn dogs. Easy to freeze and bake when you’re hungry! 😀

corn dog 1

I love ketchup and mustard …

corn dog 2

Such a simple way to eat vegetarian. Tastes great too! So even if you can’t cook, they have ready made vegan and vegetarian options out there!


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