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Friends Not Food


Well hello there! I haven’t been blogging on the regular like I used to … I have been busy tho! Where to start … Craft wise, I did crochet a few headbands in April 2017 and sold them. Photos were posted on my facebook page. Then summer arrived and I got busy gardening. Plus volunteering at Soul Space Farm Sanctuary on Monday nights and helping with some tours on Saturdays. And I do some volunteering with Compassionate Action For Animals (CAA). We handed out leaflets on veganism and animal rights at the Cat Video Festival in St Paul, MN. And we have vegan pot lucks, postering events, etc. I also got involved with Cuddle Coats. They take donated fur coats and we spend the evening taking off all the clasps and buttons and zippers, etc. Then the coats go to animal rehab facilities. The rescues and baby animals love the coats.

Autumn is right around the corner! I think I’ll be back to crocheting soon 🙂

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Farm Sanctuary


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In the fall of 2016 I met a wonderful person through a vegan group on facebook. Her name is Kara and she runs a farm sanctuary in Wisconsin. She invited me to go to an animal rights pot luck with her. She picked me up and away we went to eat vegan food with other animal rights enthusiasts. Kara later asked me if I’m interested in meeting the animals and helping out on her farm sanctuary. Of course I said yes! It’s been an amazing learning experience.

Over the past few months I have been spending time at SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary where the lucky rescues are able to live happy lives thanks to Kara and all the volunteers. It feels good to help with cleaning, feeding, getting fresh water, giving them attention, and simply watching them go about their business. The animals have unique characteristics and vocalizations. They easily steal your heart.

Kara is having a benefit in May 2017 to raise funds for a visitor center. I’m working on a handmade blanket, rice filled heat packs, and also a scarf that I will donate for the silent auction. I hope to also make some dream catchers. Any money the items bring in will benefit the animals and the farm sanctuary. It’s very exciting to be a part of the sanctuary.

Please consider a compassionate lifestyle for all life on Earth.

Enjoy these photos I took of the cuties at SoulSpace 😀

SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary-4











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Plant Based Meals

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, you’re going to love these easy to make and so fricken good Plant Based Meals! Seriously.

There are several reasons to eat plant based meals. Personal health is a great reason. Animal products are hard on your body. Plant based is much better for you. Another reason is for the environment. Raising all these animals for people to consume is really bad for the land, water, and air quality. Plus you have to consider the lives of all these animals. They want to live happy lives and not be crowded in horrid conditions.

One of my favorite snacks is Elizabeth or Kind granola. Find them at Target and the grocery store. Add fruit and soy milk, coconut milk, or eat them plain out of the bag! YUM! I like to bring a bag with me when we go canoeing so I can easily snack! Granola is perfect for breakfast of course too.

granola fruit

Everyone loves stuffed peppers! I like to use a variety of fillings. Each time I make them, they might be slightly different. Just add what you have on hand! 😀 I like to stuff pablano peppers, big chili peppers, or different colored bell peppers. You can add cheese, rice, potatoes, seasonings, and any veggie you want. Mmmmmm!


I recommend Follow Your Heart cheese (vegan). I also added black beans. Doesn’t this look so good? Think of all the possibilities! Add salsa and vegan sour cream! Oh, my!


I’ve done a few versions of vegan stew. I use either mushroom soup or mushroom gravy. Add beefless tips (they are in the freezer section at the store). And add whatever veggies and seasonings you want. I always add potatoes, onion, and carrots. Plus whatever I have on hand! So easy to make in a crock pot.



And of course, we cannot forget about dessert!

Dairy products can cause acne and bloating. Go dairy free! This tastes amazing!!!


I added fruit and chocolate (milk free!).

So there you go! Several delicious cruelty free dishes you can easily make and enjoy!

Compassion changes everything. Live a cruelty free lifestyle.

My body is not a graveyard. My food didn’t have a face.

I am not a baby cow, I don’t need milk.

Go Vegan for the Earth, for the animals, and for yourself ♥

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What The F**k Do Vegans Eat?

Some people think vegans have a limited diet. But in reality, you can veganize just about anything you want to eat. It takes time to make things at home, but it’s so worth it! Then you can use fresh and organic ingredients. Plus, there are some great frozen vegan options that I recommend buying.

To me, the worst thing to hear is “Ewwww!” and “Gross!” from an omnivore when we discuss vegan food. That’s offensive! I care about my body and my health and I prepare damn good food. To insult someone’s cooking/food before even trying it shows how closed off they are to new ideas, to new tastes, to anything! It’s just FOOD! Like real food.

One thing I have discovered over the past few years is that tons of people are on a plant based path, some further along than others, and for several different reasons.

Most people switch to plant based for their health. That’s why I did it in the beginning. I wanted to be slimmer and have clear skin and better digestion. I’ve met some vegans through and they also cut animal products in order to get healthier.Their success stories are wonderful to hear. We know that animal products clog us up. It is better to avoid them for good health, plus they are full of antibiotics and hormones.

Others are cutting back on meat and dairy to help the environment. My dad watched some documentaries on how factory farms produce more toxic emissions than all modes of travel combined. So now he wants to purchase less. I think that’s a great start! I also want to continue a plant based diet for the planet!

And also there is the factor of animals rights and lives. They obviously don’t want to die. They obviously have feelings and emotions. Many animals are very intelligent and social. And all animals deserve respect.

Anyhow! Here are some AWESOME meals that I have made recently. I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks but I have been taking photos! 🙂

Oh, mama! Let’s start with this burger and kabobs! HELLO! I make my own salsa — yum! And I added mustard cause I love mustard!


VeganEgg is a good product to keep on hand. I scrambled up some and cooked the veggies too. Served with Follow Your Heart better than mayo and of course mustard!


When I am lazy, I cook frozen “hot pockets”. The Fresh and Natural store carries several vegan varieties. This here is “pepperoni pizza”. I do recommend them!


Stuffed bell peppers are a classic favorite! Easily veganized by using Boca Crumbles instead of beef.


Mac & Cheese with hot dogs in it. Just like I ate as a kid but now plant based 🙂 And pickles wrapped with imitation deli slices covered in better than cream cheese! Fabulous! And my twice baked potatoes (I used the recipe from peta) – I make a bunch and store them in the fridge and reheat when hungry! Yay!


Simple. Buy in the freezer section. Bake in the oven 🙂


This is my attempt at vegan chicken fettuccine. It turned out amaze-balls. It started by me finding this tub of Heido Ho smoky chia cheeze at Fresh and Natural in the refrigerated section. I bought it and figured I would cover noodles with it! Pretty good idea if I do say so myself. I of course added imitation chicken and some steamed veggies cause that’s how I roll 🙂 DELICIOUS!


I added broth to the cheeze to make it more creamy..


This is a pasta I threw together in a crock pot – Noodles, tomatoes, veggies and Boca. I love crock pot meals because I can let it slow cook and it’s ready to go by dinner time and there are usually leftovers to eat for lunch.


Tofurky roast and gravy. Both worth the purchase. They keep in the freezer for a long time so they’re great to have on hand. And I made corn bake. Good food!


One of my favorite meals, lasagna. Full of spinach and veggies!!


Spaghetti squash and imitation chicken! Yum Yum


Eating vegan can be really simple. Like a sandwich. Which by the way was so good! I HIGHLY recommend Follow Your Heart better than mayo. All of their products are very good.


TACOS!!!!! Who doesn’t love tacos? Use black and refried beans and imitation sour cream!


My supreme grilled sandwich. Broccoli, carrot shreds, pickles, lettuce, bell pepper, tomaoes ……


And pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmmm


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