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Handmade Versatile Dress

I love the infinity dress and similar variations of it. So I made this purple silky version for myself. There’s so many ways to wear this dress. I love how soft and comfy this dress is. Here’s a few of the ways it can be worn:







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Braided Scarf

I was reading about braiding yarn and ribbon together to create long scarves. I loved the idea! So I made a few of them. The first has brown ribbon running through it, for a more earthy feel:






I like all the different ways to wear a skinny scarf. It can dress up a sweater and jeans.

I really like the yellow in the second one. Cheery and bright.




The 3rd scarf is just teal and black for a more simple look, but it is slightly thicker than the other two:


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Rosie Royalty’s World Of Creativity

This weekend went by so incredibly fast! I cannot even believe tomorrow is already Monday again. I planned to make a few of these infinity style dresses. But before I knew it, it was Saturday night and I hadn’t even started on one. I really like this idea of clothing that can be worn different ways. I made some halter tops/dresses, they can be worn as a shirt or pulled down like a dress. I love them, they are comfy and neat. So when I read all about the infinity dress on and other crafty sites, I really wanted to try some. 

The idea is that you can wear the dress an infinite amount of ways. I’ve seen a few different patterns for the dress. Even our Renaissance Festival has some Gypsy Outfits that are similar to the Infinity Dress. I purchased a Gypsy outfit from there and the lady showed me about 10 ways to wear it. So the idea has been around and now it’s time for me to try sewing a few. Right now I’m thinking layers, and maybe adding lace and more layers. I’m also thinking of one with layers of polka dots! But I need to do some fabric shopping….









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DIY Fashion

I’m the type of person who has lots of crafts going on at once. I’m finishing some pillows to go with some blankets, working on a journal swap, and in between that, I found time to make this skirt and dress. I made the skirt a while ago but I never finished it completely. I only had the waist band and skirt part finished. Today I finally added a ruffle to the bottom. I was originally going to buy lace for the bottom. But lace is expensive. And this neon green and blue material matches perfectly. I made this dress a while ago too. But the straps didnt come out right. So I re-did them in black. I like it better now.


This skirt twirls like crazy!! There’s lots of ruffles. The skirt is made with a light denim. The denim is covered in stars. It’s sparkly and really fun.


The ruffled layer across the bottom of the skirt matches the stars really well. Sort of reminds me of something a rollergirl might wear…..



This is truly one of a kind 🙂


I love wearing this skirt! There’s just sooo much fabric!

This dress is fun to wear as well. It pairs nicely with leggings or boots. Looks great worn as a dress with some sandals or with pants under…..



I am also working on new mittens. I have the insides lined with this pink cotton/flannel so they are nice and warm…



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How Funky Are Your Mittens?



Creating mittens is not that hard. If you have some beginner sewing knowledge you can make a pair. I love this retro fabric and decided it would add some color and fun to a cold day. I lined the inside of the mittens with a black knit material (soft on the skin and makes them warmer). I have cuffs at the wrist made from stretchy black cotton.

Both the palm side and back of the hand have a layer of black knit. Both sides are also covered in the cool retro fabric.

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Japanese Fashion Magazines

goth girl cute loli

Gothic & Lolita Bible

overknee_d73 overknee_d72

Glitter Kira Kira  (all about sox over the knees)



keramaniax_d42 keramaniax_d43 kera_d48


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skirts, skirts, skirts

I have been doing a lot of planning… I’m contemplating some small business stuff, new clothing, jewelry, scarves,  craft shows, etc. I have also been making some new skirts, altering some old skirts, and buying new fabric!  Here are 3 handmade skirts made by me ….

DSCF3772 DSCF3778

DSCF3775 DSCF3777



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