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Gothic & Lolita Bible

overknee_d73 overknee_d72

Glitter Kira Kira  (all about sox over the knees)



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Handmade Cards

Paint Pens come in handy all the time. Perfect for handmade cards! Print in black and white and then go to town with paint. Glitter, paper flowers, and lace are also close friends of mine.

bday card

gma card


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My First Zine

I made my very first Zine today. I have been reading about them for a while and decided to just make some already! And I think I am going to be addicted because I have already created a list for new zines I will create!

lolita fashion cover


This is a Lolita Zine. Each page covers a different type of Lolita. I’m pleased with the results.


back cover

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Loliday is an international, biannual event. It takes place the 1st Saturday of December and also the 1st Saturday of June.  So get your best loli dress and gather some friends for a day of dress up and fun. 

If there can be an International Talk Like A Pirate Day, there certainly can be a Loliday 🙂

And yes, there is a Talk Like A Pirate Day and I knew someone who would celebrate it

Here’s a great read about Lolita and Steampunk

If you know of any awesome events in MN fill me in 🙂

I’m off to try and make this super sweet gothloli hood that I must have!! I found it here (but cannot afford 90 bucks for one) :

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~Elegant Gothic~

Exploring Fashion: Elegant Gothic

A style consisting of mainly black, white, and natural tones, delicate detailing, lace trimmings,  completed with black, clunky boots and heavy makeup.

Accessories are  essential items in achieving the Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA) look. They include corsets, gloves, conspicuous pocket books, stockings, bows and top hats. Unlike Classic Gothic Lolita fashions, Elegant Gothic Aristocrats wear long skirts, tailored and streamlined jackets, as well as tight-fitting long shirts and sleeves.

Elegant Gothic Lolita is my personal fav.  The style has a more fit, grown up feeling and often heavier make-up. The clothes are generally dark colors &  goth-ish.


Gothic Lolita:

~Mini to knee length frilly poofy skirts, most likely with a crinoline
~Ruffled elegant Victorianesque blouses.
~Mostly black blouses, Sometimes embellished blouses, sometimes with white Peter Pan collars, cuffs and sleeves. White lace can be at the bottom of the capped sleeves and at the collar. 
~Babydoll dresses, sometimes below the knee but mostly mini to knee length.
~The French Maid look or Alice in Wonderland look of a white apron over a black babydoll dress was an original Gothic Lolita look.
~These dresses and skirts are worn with knee-high or thigh high stockings. Some times white with little bows and ruffles at the top or in black fishnet with holes and without holes.
~Headdresses are a must. Mostly in black or black and white. A small rectangular headband headdress made of ruffles, ribbons, and lace. Can be worn with a bow under the chin. It is worn at the crown of the head, just above where bangs are.
I find a lot of inspiration for DIY clothes by looking at great fashion online. Takes a lot of black material, tons of lace, and accessories to sew these styles of clothes.
Sailor Moon brings me back to Jr High 🙂
Take a look at these sites for some more awesome dresses!

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I am determined to find a new store to buy some awesome fabric at a reasonable price. I have so many ideas and not enough fabric… or time to make it all. Plus, fabric can be expensive..

Lately I have been interested in Japanese Street Fashion and Lolita Punk/Goth Fashion










I am off to find a pair of killer boots and some Nightmare Before Christmas material……

Heres a site that sells awesome dresses

some of my drawings:




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