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Readers Questionnaire


001) What book are you currently reading? I just finished reading “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” last week and this week I started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books, starting with “Dead Until Dark”

002) How many books, on average, do you read a year? around 10

003) Do you belong to any book clubs? Not currently. I used to be in a couple of the penny book clubs where you buy books for cheap.

004) What genres do you read (EX: fantasy, romance, biography)? Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Astrology, Horror, Comedy, Meaning of Dreams, some nonfiction, a little bit of everything.

005) Do you order books online? Yes. Amazon & EBay.

006) Do you own an e-reader? Which brand? Nope.

007) Do you prefer your books to have happy or sad endings? Happy. But sometimes a sad ending sticks in my mind and keeps me thinking about it.

008) Do you read mostly at night or day? During the day. The kids nap from 2-4pm and it’s the perfect time to read.

009) Do you ever trade books? If so, at a store or online?  I checked out (where you can trade books) but I didn’t end up trading any of mine. I kind of like keeping them. I re read some of them and I like the collection.

010) Do you like classics? Have a favorite? I liked “Flowers In The Attic”, “Petals On The Wind” and “Gone With The Wind” and now I am interested in reading all of the Star Wars books because I like the movies.

011) Name your favorite authors. Charlaine Harris, Elizabeth Gilbert, Stephen King, Stephenie Meyers, Chelsea Handler, Deepak Chopra…

012) Do you own a current library card? Yes, I use it a lot. I frequent 3 of the local libraries around me.

013) Ever had to pay a library fine? When I was younger, our basement flooded and ruined a few books and I had to buy them from the Library.

014) Do you frequent used bookstores? Sometimes I do. I have bought some to use for craft images.

015) Have an Amazon “Wishlist”? No, I don’t have any online wishlists

016) Do you keep your books in shelves? Yup. Some in the office and some in my bedroom. Some in the craft room too. I have these cool invisible book hanging shelves for the office. It looks like the book are floating on the wall.

017) Have any books on your coffee tables? No, I have some magazines out now. Craft and cooking ones.

018) Ever wrote an author or publishing company?  Yes, I’ve written to a couple publishing companies to be entered into their publishing contests. And then was published in a couple collaborative poetry books.

019) Do you subscribe to any magazines? Which ones? I don’t subscribe but I purchase a lot. I like Every day With Rachel Ray, Oprah, Good Housekeeping, any cooking and recipe ones, any crafting magazines, Live Simple, etc.

020) What are your favorite magazines? I like Cosmo, Cooking, Crafts, Housekeeping, etc.

021) Do you read the morning paper? What section do you read first? Not as much anymore. I usually read my news online now. I do enjoy the comic strips in the paper though and horoscopes.

022) Name your most favorite childhood books. I have been thinking about finding this book I LOVED as a kid. It was called Dragon Tales I believe and the dragon lived in the woods. The book was thick and had a few short stories in it. I loved it and read it all the time! I also liked Dr Seuss and my Teddy Rupskin would read to me, I always liked that.

023) What 5 books would you take to a deserted island? “Eat Pray Love”, “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea”, “My Horizontal Life”, Darkside Zodiac”, “Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success”

024) Ever play the card game, Authors? No I haven’t

025) Do you know what manga is? Do you read any manga? I think they are Japanese Cartoons or Comics. I don’t read them. I probably would read them sometime. I like to explore a little of everything.

026) Name your favorite mangas. Sorry I don’t have any.

027) Do you read poetry? Yes. I used to read it much more than I do now. As a teenager I loved poetry and wanted to be an English teacher when I grew up. (Didn’t happen, haha)

028) Name your favorite poets. Edgar Allan Poe. Jewel Kilcher. Shakespeare.

029) Do you read biographies? Sometimes. Chelsea Handler’s books are based on true stuff in her life and it’s very funny and enjoyable.

030) Do you prefer autobiographies to biographies (or no preference)? Yes I do.

031) Do you prefer to see the movie or read the book first? Hmm… Either. With Twilight, I saw the 1st movie and then went and read all 4 books. But with some Stephen King stories, I read the books first. Either way I enjoy having the option to read and see a story. I think that’s fun. I also saw Eat Pray Love first and then read it.

032) Shakespeare: Do you prefers his sonnets, histories, comedies, tragedies or pastorals? Tragedies.

032) Do you read in language other than English? No, but I wish! I can read and understand some Spanish tho.

033) Have you ever stolen a book? From the store, library or other? No I haven’t

034) Do you remove the dust jackets when reading a book? No I usually leave it on.

035) Do you read fan zines? Does count? A free magazine PDF about penpalling. IDK.

036) Have you ever written a book? Are you writing one now? Yes I have. I used to write and illustrate Power Ranger short stories for my younger brother, LOL. And I am currently keeping a collection of short horror stories. All of which are derived from nightmares I have over the years. I call it “Haunted Nights, A Collection Of Horror Stories”

037) Is the “smell” of the book important to you? No. I don’t mind an old book or a new one.

038) Do you ever write? What genre? I like to write poems, short blurbs about anything, song lyrics, or whatever.

039) Do you buy books for gifts? I did give a book to a boy who turned 4 recently. “The Wheels On The Bus”

040) Do you loan out books to others? Had a bad loaning experience? I loaned out my Twilight series.

041) Do you take books with you when you’re out and about? I do! Like when I nanny, because the children nap. And to the beach or park.

042) Have you eBayed any books? I have bid on some books there. I have not sold any.

043) Name your favorite literary characters. Edward and Bella from Twilight, Tak from Desperation, Cat In The Hat, The Grinch, Eragon from LOTR, Padme from Star Wars.

044) Do you buy bookmarks? How many do you estimate you own? I own a lot of bookmarks. Some are handmade that people made for me. Some I made myself. And then I have a couple store bought ones.

045) Do you use bookmarks or other items to keep your place when reading? I use bookmarks

046) Do you own any pop-up books? Which ones? I have a few pop up and a few flap books for children

047) Have you ever tried making a book yourself (book binding)? No I haven’t. Maybe I should try it!

048) Belong to any online groups like LibraryThing or Title Trader? I haven’t heard of those two. I do SwapTree.

049) Do you keep a list of books you own? No I don’t.

050) Ever accidentally bough the same book twice? I did once.

051) Do you own any book totes? Do you use them? Yes, I make them and use them! I love totes.

052) Favorite Book chain Store? I do like Barnes and Noble.

053) Name 10 authors you feel every child should read. Oh wow… Everything by Dr. Seuss, Over The Rainbow Illustrated by Eric Puybaret, Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown, I Love You All The Time by Jessica Elin, Where The Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein, The Boxcar Children, Goosebumps, Get them to read everything and anything J

054) Ever had a book autographed by the author? No I haven’t

055) Ever go to a poetry reading? Who? Nope. Not too common where I live I guess.

056) Do you like to read mysteries? Do you figure them out before the end? I love a mystery. I try and guess! But usually end up surprised J

057) Have a favorite mystery author? Stephen King

058) Do you own any miniature books? I have a super small Christmas Nutcracker one

059) What type books make up the majority of your library? A bit of everything I think. Kids books, magazines, mystery, scary, comedy, astrology, baby names, art, etc.

060) Quote a favorite line from any book. “You don’t want to stand rigid like the tall oak that cracks in the storm”

061) What genre(s) do you dislike reading. History.

062) Did you ever pay over a $100.00 for a single book? no

063) Name your 5 favorite books in your collection. Twilight Saga, Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, I Want To Take You Higher, Are You There Vodka Its Me Chelsea, Dead Until Dark

064) Do you read non-fiction? Sometimes

065) Do you take books with you on vacation? Sometimes. Usually Magazines.

066) Do you put bookplates inside your books? No, I should put them inside books I give as gifts! That’s a good idea.

067) Do you prefer gift books from others to be inscribed or not? Doesn’t matter. It’s nice when it is J

068) Do you own any bookstore discount membership cards? I’m on some emailing lists

069) Do you like to read aloud? Do you? I don’t read aloud unless I’m reading something funny/scary/interesting to my boyfriend or a horoscope to a friend.

070) Do you look up words in the book you don’t know the meaning of? Yes!

071) What books do you feel influenced your life? A Night Without Armor, Mirrors Never Lie

072) What book(s) have you re-read the most? Desperation

073) Do you list which books you’ve read anywhere (like a journal)? Yes. I keep an excel sheet with books I’ve read and books I want to read.

074) Do you think any books should be banned? Which ones? Hmm… No I don’t think so

075) Do you think anyone should rewrite another author’s original work? No

076) Do you enjoy reading plays? Do you like to see plays on stage? Yes and Yes. I used to have a play for my American Girl Dolls and I would love to put it on for the adults, lol. And I liked reading plays in High School too. Going to see a play is always a good time. A Midsummers Nights Dream is a good play to read (I love fantasy themes).

077) Have you ever performed “Reader’s Theater?” No

076) Ever burned a book? Was it because of content or other? No

077) Do you prefer paperback or hardback? Hardback looks nicer, I prefer it. But I really don’t mind either way. Paper is cheaper.

078) Do you have a library room in your house or apartment? I have an office with lots of books in it.

079) Do you buy mostly new, bargain, or used books? A mix

080) Do you read your library books at the library or at home? At the library

081) Have you ever defaced a book? What was the circumstance? No

082) Do you read folklore/myths? Yes. I like Greek Myths and stories about Constellations.

083) Favorite mythological figure? Phoenix (mythical bird)

084) Read any books where an animal(s) is/are the main character? Well, to the kids a lot. And Narnia.

085) Name a favorite animal featured title. Mr. Fox

086) Do you believe the adage: “If it’s in print, it must be true!” ? No

087) Do you sometimes stop reading a book? What’s the reason usually? If I’m not interested in the story.

088) If you could own any one rare book in the world which book would it be? Hmmm… maybe an ancient meditation or ancient medicine type book.

089) As a child were you ever caught reading after bedtime? No, doesn’t sound familiar

090) Do you own a book light? no

091) Estimate how many books you own. Somewhere around 60

092) Have you ever borrowed a book from a bookmobile? Nope

093) What book have you recommended the most? Hmm… I rave about Chelsea Handler, the Twilight saga, and Eat Pray Love

094) Is it important to you that your friends are well-read? A little bit, yes. 

095) Do you have a person that you enjoy discussing your reads with? Who?  No, not really  

096) What book are you most looking forward to reading next? Just got the Sookie Stackhouse books off ebay, so those.

097) Do you read horror/thrillers? Favorite horror/thriller authors? I like Stephen King

098) Have you ever made a dish from a cookbook? I use cooking magazines all the time.

099) Do you ever buy any other “how to” books? Were they helpful? I don’t think I have any how to books

100) What question about books should I have asked you? Idk


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