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What The F**k Do Vegans Eat?

Some people think vegans have a limited diet. But in reality, you can veganize just about anything you want to eat. It takes time to make things at home, but it’s so worth it! Then you can use fresh and organic ingredients. Plus, there are some great frozen vegan options that I recommend buying.

To me, the worst thing to hear is “Ewwww!” and “Gross!” from an omnivore when we discuss vegan food. That’s offensive! I care about my body and my health and I prepare damn good food. To insult someone’s cooking/food before even trying it shows how closed off they are to new ideas, to new tastes, to anything! It’s just FOOD! Like real food.

One thing I have discovered over the past few years is that tons of people are on a plant based path, some further along than others, and for several different reasons.

Most people switch to plant based for their health. That’s why I did it in the beginning. I wanted to be slimmer and have clear skin and better digestion. I’ve met some vegans through and they also cut animal products in order to get healthier.Their success stories are wonderful to hear. We know that animal products clog us up. It is better to avoid them for good health, plus they are full of antibiotics and hormones.

Others are cutting back on meat and dairy to help the environment. My dad watched some documentaries on how factory farms produce more toxic emissions than all modes of travel combined. So now he wants to purchase less. I think that’s a great start! I also want to continue a plant based diet for the planet!

And also there is the factor of animals rights and lives. They obviously don’t want to die. They obviously have feelings and emotions. Many animals are very intelligent and social. And all animals deserve respect.

Anyhow! Here are some AWESOME meals that I have made recently. I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks but I have been taking photos! 🙂

Oh, mama! Let’s start with this burger and kabobs! HELLO! I make my own salsa — yum! And I added mustard cause I love mustard!


VeganEgg is a good product to keep on hand. I scrambled up some and cooked the veggies too. Served with Follow Your Heart better than mayo and of course mustard!


When I am lazy, I cook frozen “hot pockets”. The Fresh and Natural store carries several vegan varieties. This here is “pepperoni pizza”. I do recommend them!


Stuffed bell peppers are a classic favorite! Easily veganized by using Boca Crumbles instead of beef.


Mac & Cheese with hot dogs in it. Just like I ate as a kid but now plant based 🙂 And pickles wrapped with imitation deli slices covered in better than cream cheese! Fabulous! And my twice baked potatoes (I used the recipe from peta) – I make a bunch and store them in the fridge and reheat when hungry! Yay!


Simple. Buy in the freezer section. Bake in the oven 🙂


This is my attempt at vegan chicken fettuccine. It turned out amaze-balls. It started by me finding this tub of Heido Ho smoky chia cheeze at Fresh and Natural in the refrigerated section. I bought it and figured I would cover noodles with it! Pretty good idea if I do say so myself. I of course added imitation chicken and some steamed veggies cause that’s how I roll 🙂 DELICIOUS!


I added broth to the cheeze to make it more creamy..


This is a pasta I threw together in a crock pot – Noodles, tomatoes, veggies and Boca. I love crock pot meals because I can let it slow cook and it’s ready to go by dinner time and there are usually leftovers to eat for lunch.


Tofurky roast and gravy. Both worth the purchase. They keep in the freezer for a long time so they’re great to have on hand. And I made corn bake. Good food!


One of my favorite meals, lasagna. Full of spinach and veggies!!


Spaghetti squash and imitation chicken! Yum Yum


Eating vegan can be really simple. Like a sandwich. Which by the way was so good! I HIGHLY recommend Follow Your Heart better than mayo. All of their products are very good.


TACOS!!!!! Who doesn’t love tacos? Use black and refried beans and imitation sour cream!


My supreme grilled sandwich. Broccoli, carrot shreds, pickles, lettuce, bell pepper, tomaoes ……


And pumpkin pie. Mmmmmmmmm



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Crock Pot Lasagna

This was my first time making lasagna in a crock pot. It was incredibly delicious! The Follow Your Heart cheese was perfect! The noodles were perfect. Everything was perfect.


I used Beyond Beef (imitation ground beef). Diced onions and bell peppers. Diced mushrooms and tomatoes. Cut spinach (I used a frozen bag). Noodles (I used oven ready/No boil). Pasta Sauce. And Vegan cheese.


I layered the crock pot with all the ingredients, layer after layer. I had to snap the noodles to get them the correct length to fit inside the crock pot. Then I let it cook for a few hours.


Wow. Amazing.


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A Girls Gatta Eat

I love food. If you follow me on instagram you probably already know that! I love to cook and eat good food. And all of it is vegan 🙂

I want to share some of the meals I’ve made because often times people don’t really know what vegans actually eat. It’s not difficult. It’s healthier. And the meals really are so good! Plus I take pride in a meal I made at home.

  1. Shepherd’s Pie — crock pot style


I love to use a crock pot because it’s easy, the house smells amazing, and there are leftovers for lunch the next day! For this meal I used imitation beef crumbles (there are several brands to chose from that come in a bag in the freezer isle). I also added, corn, carrots, peas, and tofurky gravy. I made mashed potatoes (peel and boil potatoes, mash them with some soymilk) and put them on top and then let it cook for about 6 hours. Super delicious!


2. Breakfast Burrito

I used chorizo style imitation meat, tortillas, Vegan Eggs, hashbrowns, peppers and onions and also maple syrup.


I cook the chorizo with diced onions and bell peppers. Cook the vegan eggs. Cook the hash browns. Then make a burrito! I like to drizzle Maple Syrup over mine. It’s really good!

3. Crock Pot Chili

I love chili. I eat it a lot. It is so easy to make and can be done several ways. I like to add v8 vegetable juice (spicy hot), potatoes, black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, celery, onion, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers and chili powder.



4. Mostaccioli (Pasta)


I used pasta sauce, noodles, veggies, and vegan Follow Your Heart Parmesan Cheese. I absolutely love the Follow Your Heart line of foods. They make awesome salad dressings, imitation sour cream, mayo, cheeses, etc. All taste great by the way! So try that brand. I prefer Follow Your Heart over Daiya. You have to try yourself and see what you like though.

5. “Meat” and Veggies — So many easy variaions


Tofurky and Gardein have some great imitation meats available in the freezer sections. I like the roasts, fillets, strips, crumbles, etc. Add any veggies you like and you have a meal. Buy tofurky gravy or make your own vegan gravy.

Vegan gravy: Heat a milk alternative in a large skillet (soymilk/almond milk), add vegetable broth, gradually add flour, dice up a shallot, you can add garlic, I love to add diced mushrooms — add more/less flour to make it thicker or thinner.

Animal products clog up your arteries, your digestive tract, and they can be bad for your skin. Go plant based. Try meat free options. Enjoy what you eat and take pride in making it.

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Vegetarian Corn Dogs

Sometimes a meal takes a lot of effort and some planning ahead. Sometimes it comes right out of the freezer. LOL.

I love a variety of super easy frozen meals. These corn dogs are one of them. I usually make myself 2 doggies. The texture is perfect.

corn dog package

The package comes with 4 corn dogs. Easy to freeze and bake when you’re hungry! 😀

corn dog 1

I love ketchup and mustard …

corn dog 2

Such a simple way to eat vegetarian. Tastes great too! So even if you can’t cook, they have ready made vegan and vegetarian options out there!


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Hazelnut Cranberry Roast

I want to talk about how easy and how hard it is to eat vegan and/or vegetarian. I was watching Vegucated and the girl who recently switched to a vegan diet was in tears because this meant she couldn’t eat her dad’s cooking and she felt left out and made fun of. But she struggled with it because she said knowing what she has learned, she can’t go back! And her one wish was that everyone was vegan so it would just be the normal thing!

I totally get it. I was asked today, “Do you eat bacon?” I am the odd one out. Most people have no clue. It can be frustrating. No, I don’t eat bacon! Pigs are incredibly smart and factory farms treat them like crap.

It takes thick skin and persistence to keep at it. It takes passion and willingness to learn more to educate yourself and others about the affects of factory farms.

Anyhow. That’s my mini rant for the day!

Eating vegan is incredibly easy if you have some time to shop around for the right ingredients. Or, in this case, buy a frozen vegan roast! It was soooooooo delicious! Check out the photos:

whole vegan roast

Perfect flaky crust! Bake till the right temp is reached (follow directions on the box).

roast cut open

Slice it open and enjoy! No animals harmed here. No blood and bones. Just plant protein!

roast serving

Doesn’t that look yummy? Mmmmmm! This roast was about $20.00 but it serves a lot! And makes good leftovers! I had leftovers twice from it. Would be excellent for holidays!

hazelnut cranberry roast

Add some sides and you’ve got yourself a great meal!

Yes! I made mashed potatoes, again. Probably because they’re easy and delicious! This time I used a ToFurky gravy. It’s in the freezer section of the grocery store. Just heat it in a pot on the stove. Easy! And very good.

I would like to encourage any meat eater out there to try an imitation meat. They are quite tasty! They make imitation chicken, beef, ribs, roast, hot dogs, etc.

Peta says a vegan saves over 100 animals a year by not eating them.

Do it for the animals, your health, and the planet.

Your favorite meals are easy to veganize or make vegetarian. I know because I am doing it.

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Beyond Meat

There are a lot of great brands that offer vegan and vegetarian options. Beyond Meat is one of them. For this recipe, I used their imitation chicken.

Full Circle sells a tons of organic products from food to cleaning to laundry detergent. I used a bag of their frozen veggies. It says you can steam in the bag, but I don’t like to use a microwave because of how harmful it is.

I heated up the plant based “chicken” and mixed veggies in a crock pot for a couple hours with some milk alternative.

I steamed broccoli and boiled noodles. Then combined everything in a casserole dish and added vegan cheese. I baked it for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

I often get asked, “Are you a vegetarian or a vegan?”

Well, I’m both. If I cook at home, I make my meal vegan. If I go out to the restaurant, I might order vegetarian. When I started cutting meat from my diet years ago, I didn’t want it to interrupt my life to a point of being uncomfortable. I told myself that I am going to do the best that I can to make the right choice for me and my life. I can’t tell someone what is right for them. I don’t pressure people to go meat free. I do encourage Meat Free Mondays and I encourage trying a vegan meal.

I don’t think it is right to be mean to people that are trying and are open to the idea of meat free. I think sometimes a vegan might push too hard to go vegan right away and not let the person gradually cut meat, and then milk, and then cheese, etc. from their diet. I’ve heard vegans bashing Meat Free Monday saying it’s not enough. Well, it is a start.

Instead of being harsh, you can educate the person. Instead of demanding they change their lifestyle over night, you can encourage little steps.

Doing the best you can and making educated decisions, researching and learning more, staying healthy, using less and less plastic, all of those and more are what I encourage and what I try to do for myself and the world.

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We all have to eat food. We need to eat to live. But we can make educated choices about what we put into our body. We can try our best each day to limit our impact on the environment and make good choices about food and products that we purchase.

I was watching a documentary called “Vegucated”. It’s on Netflix and it’s worth watching. The host is a vegan and she enlists 3 average people to go vegan for several weeks. The show follows them on their lifestyle change. They film everyone’s fridge in the beginning before agreeing to eat vegan and then show the fridge again after eating vegan for several weeks. So I thought I would go see what the heck is in my fridge and cupboards 🙂

Do you remember when MTV Cribs would always look inside famous people’s refrigerators? LOL. Well let’s see what is in mine:


Vegan mayo, fruits, veggies, soy milk, vegan cheese, jelly, garlic, brown sugar, V8, guacamole, tofurky vegan gravy, spinach, and yes, pop! Which is not good for you.

I love to eat raw garlic for health benefits. It’s great for your body and naturally fights infections and colds. Plus it’s great to have when cooking! And it’s full of nutrients. So I always have some on hand. It can be harsh on your breath but it’s totally worth putting into your body and chewing it raw for full effect.

Garlic Health Benefits – Why You Should Eat Raw Garlic Daily

I’ve heard vegans say that cutting out dairy and meat has cleared up their skin and helped them lose weight.Plus, think of the animals.

I always love to see what celebs are vegan and vegetarian (Alicia Silverstone, Ellen DeGeneres, Woody Harrelson, Russell Brand, Betty White, James Cameron, Alanis Morissette, Kat Von D ……)


dry goods

Netflix has some great documentaries on going vegan/vegetarian, on traveling, plastic, environmental concerns, on space, technology, history, everything! There’s no harm in watching and learning and being open minded 😀 Some to check out are:

PlantPure Nation



Tiny: A Story About Living Small



Plastic Island is another great place to watch amazing videos. Such as:

Earthlings :

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls :

When we have so many other options to buy animal free products, why not? It’s good for your health, the environment and animals. Even cutting back on consuming animal products can make an impact. Start small. Do some research. Ignorance is not bliss.






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