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Creature Hats and Matching Sets

I’ve been crocheting scarves for years but usually don’t make matching sets, how weird I know! So lately I’ve been making sets: a hat and scarf that go together. Some are matchy matchy and some have a coordinating flower.

I’ve always liked monster and owl hats so I made two recently. I want to do a cat and a Despicable Me Minion next. I made my own design for a monster and sleepy owl but for the minion I may look for an idea online.

black and white set

monster baby hat

Owl Hat

red scarf


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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2012!

I have several New Years Resolutions. One is to use up my craft supplies! I’d like to create cool new stuff with all the fabric and yarn I have in my craft room. So I didn’t waste any time getting started.

I gathered my bins of yarn and sorted through the skeins. I decided I would crochet a blanket using leftover skeins of yarn from various projects. All the skeins I used have the same texture but I used a variety of different colors that somewhat go together.

This blanket was really fun to make. It’s colorful, light as a feather, very soft, and really warm! And by using leftover yarn, it’s got the “green” appeal to it. Like a quilt, I’m piecing together my scraps of yarn into something amazing.. (hopefully).

Here are some progress photos:



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Here Comes Fall

I Love fall weather. I love the cool breeze, the trees changing colors, wearing sweaters, crocheting, bonfires, all of it.

I made two new Rice Heat Packs. The fabric is doubled up, so they wont get too hot. They are filled with scented rice (apple). You microwave them for about 5-10 minutes, or until the desired temp is reached. Then you can use it as a heat pack on sore muscles. Or they work great to warm up a cold bed in winter! They make great gifts. The fabric I used is very soft and has a nighttime pattern, stars and clouds.



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Bloom In Winter

Hi There! It’s a chilly February day in Minnesota. Winter gets to be long, gloomy, and bitterly cold here. So I made a cute little pillow to brighten up the couch in my craft room!

The pillow is made with felt. I glued a ribbon across the bottom. And the letters are foam stickers.



For decor only

This was very easy to make and I like having that quote on it

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Red Headed Woman

Hi there! I’m working on this little felt doll. I think she’s turning out to be pretty cute! I like working with felt. You can glue it with fabric glue or sew it. I made the little bow in her hair too.

Happy crafting!

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Hot Pad – Handmade

I made this hot pad a while ago and never posted about it. I thought I would make more and post them all together. But I haven’t gotten around to it. I wanted to make a Valentine’s Day one.

I read online that you can use layers of fleece or batting inside. Mine seems to work pretty good. I just used some scrap material I had in the craft room.


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Halloween Crafts

It’s September, the trees are changing colors here in Minnesota, fall is here and the weather has cooled down a lot. I’ve started making some Halloween crafts already. I’m working on felt gift bags for my nieces, nephews, and other kids I know. I will fill them with candy (goldfish and animal crackers for the 1 year olds!) and stickers and other Halloween stuffers I find.

Two of the bags have square cut outs in the middle, they’re little windows so you can see the bag of candy and stickers that are inside. I am thinking I’ll put the candy inside zip lock bags or find some sort of celephane wrap. Something see through.

I have to hand sew the embelishments on. But this is my progress so far:



I am also working on some handmade Halloween cards. I’ve done 2 so far, I’d like to make a few more.




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