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New Drawings…

I scanned a few sketches I’ve done recently…

 Drawn with pen on pink cardstock…

 …colored in with colored pencils…

 I turned this drawing into a Friendship Book…


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Live Love Laugh

I’m working on a new 8×10 drawing

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I Am Not My Mistakes

Did a little drawing with some mixed media – colored pencils, glitter, marker, paper punch outs, and ribbon. This is the result:


I do a lot of drawings and toss them out or stuff them into a folder. I thought maybe I’d post one this time.

Thanx for swinging by!

Rosie ♥

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Crafty Weekend!

The weekend is never long enough. It’s always Monday again way too soon. There’s tons of crafts I’d love to get done, but only enough time to do a few.

I’d love to do some crochet projects. But I am slow at it. I need to get better at working with patterns. I want to make a cardigan, mittens, slippers, and shawls.

I also need to make some neck warmers/ heat pads. I purchased a beautiful pink & purple fabric, enough to make 2 of them. I’ll fill them with rice, then you microwave it for about 3 minutes. They are great to wrap around your shoulders, or run down your spine, or across your lower back. They’re nice to have in Minnesota winter. My sister made me one and I love it.

Here’s the fabric I bought recently:


I love finding neat home decor at a great price. I found these little vases and thought they were pretty cool:

All I had to do was buy some fake flowers to put in them. Easy decor.

I’m working on some art journals. I’m swapping with 2 girls. Heres some photos of pages I am working on:







The theme on the art journals is open. So we can decorate the pages however we want. I’m excited to see the end results 🙂

I made a few new pages in my scrapbook:




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This -n- That

Here are a few projects I am working on:

 I’m attaching the gift tags to the Halloween goody bags with thread

 Always working on art journals, this page is in my own journal

 This is a lovely package I received from a penpal recently

 Some pages I’m working on in someone elses journal

 Boo to you!

 More journal pages

 Some fb’s I am mailing 0ut to a penpal this week

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New Journal Entries and Drawings


I like my paper crafts to be interractive. Here, you lift the flaps to reveal quotes beneath








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I am pretty happy to have my scanner, I’m still figuring out how to use it. I’m moving in a few weeks, all my photos are packed up. So I grabbed an old art folder with some drawings in it to try scanning:


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