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Reusable Bags

Every weekend I do my grocery shopping. Usually 2 stops, the somewhat typical grocery store first. I go to Family Fresh because they’re usually not busy and it’s easy to navigate the store. I love when I first walk into the store and see the flowers, fruits, and veggies! It doesn’t feel crowded like Trader Joes always is. Plus they carry a ton of vegan and vegetarian foods in the frozen, chilled, and dry sections. Plus a gluten free isle. I also make a stop at Fresh and Natural, a smaller store I enjoy visiting for their deli and bakery area. They make really good pumpkin seed & peanut butter bars. Also they have great vegan sandwiches made on the spot and fruit and juice smoothies plus soups, salads, and more.

Fresh and Natural gives you 5 cents off on your receipt for bringing a bag. I bring my Thirty One bags. I have 2 that are Deluxe Utility Totes. And 2 that are regular totes. And 2 that are zipper pouches.

I use the zipper pouches when I purchase bell peppers, lemons, pears, kiwi, etc. Instead of grabbing one of those plastic bags to put your produce in, I use the pouches.

Thirty One bags are really sturdy and structured. I love mine 🙂 I have other reusable bags that I keep in my car too. I’ve heard people say they never remember to bring their bags when they go shopping. This is why I always have mine in my car. After I unload the groceries, the bags go back into my car.

At first I thought the cashier would think it’s odd filling my bags instead of plastic. But they never do. I get compliments on the bags all the time at various stores and after years of this, some employees recognize me. Plus, it doesn’t really matter what others think 🙂

My cats love the bags too. Haha They like jumping in when I empty the groceries out and toss the bags by the door so they go back into the car! Always have to remember to get them back into the car for next time!

shopping bags

I try to buy organic, vegan, vegetarian, and local or fair trade as much as I can.


I love the pouches for fruits and veggies.

spike thirty one bags

thirty one bags


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Happy Halloween

I love Autumn and Halloween. I’ve started to put a few decorations up.


table runner

halloween door

happy halloween 2013

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Tomorrow is September already! Christmas is just over 3 months away. Handmade, incredibly soft scarves make great gifts 😀

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Enjoy Life

It’s been a very hot week! Temps have been over 90 degrees F for the past 7 days. I absolutely LOVE it! 🙂

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach instead of crocheting, writing to pen pals, and doing crafts. My skin is still warm from being there today 🙂



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Armoire Make-Over

This is a great armoire. It used to store liquor and shot glasses….

Now it stores all of my teaching supplies 🙂

But with the two glass windows, it’s not so pretty to look at all my school stuff all the time.

I love this teal fabric!!!

before after

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Happy Easter Decor

wreath egg tree

I picked up the Happy Easter wreath from Wal-Mart and the Easter Egg Tree from Target. I got the mini eggs from the dollar tree.

and who doesnt love peeps? 🙂


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