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Fun With Felt

I  made a fun set of felt cupcakes. All the pieces fit inside a ziplock bag for easy storage and safe keeping!

I also made a felt pizza set


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Felt Hopscotch!

I made this fun hopscotch game with felt. I used one large green piece and 10 different colored squares. Felt is inexpensive to buy and easy to work with.

The teal letters and numbers are cardboard, they’re glued on with a hot glue gun. I bought them from the dollar store.

Check out my other kid friendly crafts and projects, and see my crochet and sewing works too..

Have a great day, thanks for visitng!! 🙂

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Sewing Felt

A while back I posted about these fun “no-sew” felt projects for kids. They’re great because you dont need a sewing machine, needles, thread, or any dangerous sewing supplies. But they’re messy! Glue gets on your hands and then you touch the felt and it gets fuzzies on your fingers and it also made the felt sort of hard. Great for kids tho!

I thought maybe I would make some felt friends with my sewing machine instead. I started with Zee, from Nick Jr.

The beak, eyes, and flowers were sewn on by hand.  

The pink felt is glittery! I love it! This is a very simple project, but it’s fun and she’s so cute!

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Bloom In Winter

Hi There! It’s a chilly February day in Minnesota. Winter gets to be long, gloomy, and bitterly cold here. So I made a cute little pillow to brighten up the couch in my craft room!

The pillow is made with felt. I glued a ribbon across the bottom. And the letters are foam stickers.



For decor only

This was very easy to make and I like having that quote on it

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Red Headed Woman

Hi there! I’m working on this little felt doll. I think she’s turning out to be pretty cute! I like working with felt. You can glue it with fabric glue or sew it. I made the little bow in her hair too.

Happy crafting!

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Nick Jr. No Sew Felt Project

I made two characters from Nick Jr. with the kids I do childcare for. They loved the project but it needs adult help for sure. The kids can easily cut out the paper pattern pieces with kid friendly scissors. But an adult / older child needs to use real scissors to cut the felt. Touching and playing with felt was fun for them. We used the characters we made to do puppet shows and imaginary play. The kids recognized Moose and Zee from t.v. and that was also fun for them.

 Here is Zee, one of the Nick Jr hosts. You can find the pattern on

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Dance In The Rain

Crafting With Felt

I think this little good luck charm, ornament, felt mini stuffed reminder pillow is super cute 🙂

Felt is cheap to purchase and fun to play around with. I used fabric glue for the letters and cloud and rain. But I sewed the edges closed after stuffing it into a mini little pillow.


I glued the ribbon on this time. I think I like sewing it into the seams better tho.

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