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Sew A New Skirt

Saw this online and I think it’s a great idea for a skirt! Take a look


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Easy DIY Headbands

I made myself a few new headbands that are reversable. I used ribbon – about 14 inches long – and I used elastic – about 6 inches long. I used black elastic, there is colored elastic available to purchase and match the ribbon.


The black headband is 2 pieces of glittery black ribbon sewn together. I sewed the top long edges together and then across the bottom. Then I inserted the elastic between the 2 pieces of ribbon and sewed the ends closed.

This 2nd headband is reversable. One side is a blue sheer ribbon and the other is a silky pink ribbon. I didnt sew all the way around the two ribbons. I only connected them on the ends where I sewed the elastic.



The 3rd headband is also reversable. One side is the glittery black ribbon and the other side is pink.



These are easy to make and can be jazzed up by adding buttons or flowers sewn on. Or glue on sequins, beads, jewels, feathers, etc.

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Handmade Versatile Dress

I love the infinity dress and similar variations of it. So I made this purple silky version for myself. There’s so many ways to wear this dress. I love how soft and comfy this dress is. Here’s a few of the ways it can be worn:






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Braided Scarf

I was reading about braiding yarn and ribbon together to create long scarves. I loved the idea! So I made a few of them. The first has brown ribbon running through it, for a more earthy feel:






I like all the different ways to wear a skinny scarf. It can dress up a sweater and jeans.

I really like the yellow in the second one. Cheery and bright.




The 3rd scarf is just teal and black for a more simple look, but it is slightly thicker than the other two:


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Crocheted Scarf

This lovely teal scarf is done with the Double Crochet. The colored border is also a Double Crochet. In the past few days I have made 3 new scarves.






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Crocheted Scarf

I made this scarf out of a multi colored yarn. The colors are gorgeous!! I love how the colors look throughout the scarf. It is very warm and soft.





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Large Handmade Tote

I crocheted the handles with a lovely multi colored yarn. The tote is made with a very pretty maroon fabric. The tote is lined, no seams are visible (hidden in the lining). I have some more of this material so I would love to make a few more totes.






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